Friday, December 16, 2011

It's a long way to Bethlehem....

So, having admitted in the last post that I have left my run to Christmas a little late for decking our halls thoroughly in handmade Christmas adornments, I'm continuing to stitch my way through the days as the Pickles and I follow Mary, Joseph and the donkeys journey to Bethlehem through the stories in this book.
Stocking number one is virtually done with all the hand-stitching complete and just the construction to go. I've decided to line it, partly due to a desire to hide the less than perfect back to my work and also because it seems more practical when considering all the little novelties and sweets that will spend time in there through the course of Audrey's many Christmases.  Somehow it makes me feel more harried rather than less to have one stocking done as they need to be delivered together so now I have that 'so-close-yet-so far' sensation. The name is done and I'm about a third of the way through the trees but there's a lot of work left on those and the deer has lots of detail.

I'm reasonable pleased with how the picture on this has come out. The birds started out as a very small photograph so it was a new challenge to try and translate this into a felt picture so whilst I can see many improvements that could be made and many bits that are a bit 'skew-wiff'  they are quite endearing.
Whilst every priority is being given to these two projects I can't quite let go of other projects destined for our own tree and walls.

I have two flags for the bunting shown in my last post done but am almost ready to concede that this will herald the joy next year rather than this.

 Today we got a good start on the Christmas baking too. Cranberry, cherry and pistachio biscotti and my first ever batch of shortbread. I'm also hoping to make some mince pies and would like to try the Peppermint Bark which is a Christmas staple for this family and also some fruit and nut chocolates.......and maybe some other things.

I've put alot of other things on my wishlist aside but still really hope to get the boys Christmas Eve pjs done and also their new shirts for Christmas Day....stay tuned for progress and details.
A case of chicken pox in the house this past week has been a very good lesson in slowing down and finding the joy and the calm in this time of preparation. Rushing through shopping centres or any kind of shops is a long ago memory of past Christmases for me and seems ever less relevant now that the Pickles are about. There is plenty to keep us busy right here and its nice to try and create a Christmas away from the glitz and the commercial Santa-ness that abounds in every shopping precinct.

Next year I hope to have myself better prepared ahead of Advent and we will read a story from in The Light in the Lantern each day (sadly this year we've had to play catch up a bit again) and I am hatching a plan that I'll need to start working on right away (making 2 - 3 things a month should get me there). As our own variation on the Advent calendar I'd like to have something to tie in with each of the stories which the boys can hang on the Christmas tree after we read the nights story......

So many other beautiful things to look at and be inspired by over here....


  1. Those stockings are beautiful. What patience you must have for intricate stitching!

  2. Ummmm...your baking is giving me the boost I need to get started on my Christmas cookies! Thanks!!