Thursday, February 23, 2012

Longing for languid.....

As we settle into the rhythm of the year I find myself looking back on those months just past and indeed the year before as well. Early morning kinder runs and nearly all days with a concrete activity to define them are becoming a comfortable part of a very new rhythm but there is a little part (or even a big part) of me that misses the way things were for to any opportunity and with no need for haste.
I'm thankful for the day, captured in the picture above, when we just stopped and enjoyed an Eastern suburbs park because we could and because that tree needed to be appreciated.

Thankful also that we not only found time for walks along the river right on our doorstop while Mr Pickle was holidaying with us but also that we stopped on that walk and just looked at the water and listened to the plop of the stones as they landed.

How I hope and promise that we will still find ways for the Pickles to just sit in or under trees sometimes, to explore, climb or just watch ducks swim by.

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