Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hats on for Winter sunshine

Some winter sunshine and less sniffling meant we could head out for some park time.
New hats firmly on heads we tromped and romped and enjoyed the fresh air.

With a new beanie completed Big Pickle was happy to pass the beloved orange one across to his brother. This grey one was the first ribbed one I started but had to put aside when I ran out of wool and could not find another ball of that shade of Cleckheaton Country yarn anywhere. In a brave first for me I decided to insert coloured stripes. The hard bit was picking up all the stitches after I pulled it back - I definitely do not like picking up stitches on ribbed knitting - but from there it was surprisingly easy.

 Oh, how this boy loves to roam. Find him a big, wide open space and he's happy and this mama is very happy watching him wander in these Reversible corduroy Quick Change Pants that will soon be too short. Lucky there are two new pairs due to come off the sewing table in the next few days.

Home from the park it was time to get some baking back in the biscuit jars. My jamdrops usually have just one jammy bit but I saw these in a recipe book and couldn't resist. Far more time consuming but extra yummy.

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