Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Creative Space

This week its all about this suitcase.

I completely agree that it really just looks like a big mess but this is the glorious aftermath of an entire weekend spent sewing. For so long I have enviously read and heard and thought about people heading off for weekends at places like Sewjourn.  However, with two young boys and an inability to plan and book the nearly full year in advance that you now need to, I just couldn't see myself getting there.
Suddenly I realised I could make my own Sewjourn. A friend and I kissed the husbands and children goodbye and headed down the highway to my mum's. Open fires, comfy beds, home cooked food and a great big dining room that could be left untidied all weekend made for a wonderful, productive, motivating and restorative two days of sewing. 

I apologise for these very bad photos but the camera is out of batteries so I'm using the phone camera.
This is a skirt I made from a beautiful piece of Japanese fabric I bought at Tessuti recently. I just need to hem it and it will be ready to adorn me.

I also made this top - sorry about sideways photo, can't seem to get it to rotate today.
The fabric was a piece from the stash that I bought on sale a long time ago.

From this pattern.

I've wanted to buy this pattern for a long time and finally gave in and ordered it - at a very good price - direct from the Sew Liberated Shop. I have absolutely no regrets. The pattern was a joy to use, quick and problem free. The instructions were detailed without being annoying or patronising and the construction of the garment is professional and very well finished. I'll be making many more of these.
Quite a few other things were cut out and planned on this weekend. I think next I'll sew up the black cord wrap skirt with the Kristen Doran panel in the front. I've kind of improvised the pattern for this one basing it on an A-line skirt pattern and the inspiration of this image from a book called You Sew Girl.

After that I have a pile of pants to make for the Pickles. Some more Quick Change trousers from Handmade Beginnings and some from the pattern I found here.


  1. Oh yay, love the skirt with beautiful Kristen Doran's Winter Nest panel on it, CLEVER!! Love Posie

  2. Thanks Posie. You are my first ever comment. I'll endeavour to get this skirt made and post the finished project soon.