Thursday, October 25, 2012

A different type of craft

There are so many craft projects in progress here at the moment but for the moment the wool and fabric has been put just a little aside to indulge in a different form of craft.
I have quite a thing for wood. I remember with much fondness the woodwork classes we had at school until, in my final years I moved to a girls school where woodworking was considered a male pursuit. So, I'm working with wood at the moment....well kind of. I'm not actually constructing anything but I am renovating and reinventing our outdoor setting which is actually a dining setting that was once owned by my husband's great grandfather and has found its way down the lines to us via a couple of student houses where it acquired a half hearted paint job which left it rather confused and multi coloured in appearance.

The trickiest part of the job is definitely removing the laminex from the top of the table. It's a painstakingly slow task which is basically a matter of chipping it off piece by piece and then sanding off the backing wood that often stays behind.
Gradually I am making progress, and though it gets slower and harder the further in I get, it also gets more rewarding as I see the lovely blonde wood emerging.

The plan is to just seal the top and then paint the legs and chairs in a pale duck egg bluey-green colour. I just have to stay focused and keep chipping away at it slowly and telling myself that I will get there.......

As I work I get to admire all the happenings in the garden. Those tomato seedlings are now big and strong and I have managed to plant out nearly a dozen in my not enormous garden.....still hoping there might be room for a few more and then I'll gift the rest to friends.

The potato patch is thriving.

 The fruit trees are promising a whole lot of goodness but I think I need to start looking into some netting to protect our bounty from the birds.

 In the front yard I have been enjoying these beauties. There is also a big patch in the back yard that is about to open into pale blue blooms.

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