Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spring Fling

Ahhh Spring............you really are so very engaging. I find myself succumbing to a serious crush each time you grace us with your sunshine and your balmy breezes. Of course because we are in Melbourne, I'm now listening to the rain falling outside as I reflect on an overcast but nonetheless mild and lovely day.
How it warms this mamas heart to have two boys painting as I cook dinner rather than the usual sitting in front of the television.

New things are happening in the garden every day. The horrible overgrown, wine tangled section next to the sandpit has now been cut back to almost nothing and planted with cuttings and plants from my mum's garden so hopefully, if they all take, it will soon be lush and leafy and even have flowers.
Right now it still looks pretty scraggy but I'm told the thing about gardens is they grow.

Our potato patch is shaping up and in fact the plants have all doubled in size since this photo was taken a few days ago.

And look at those tomato seedlings now. The success I've had with them inspired me to plant out a wealth of other seeds including delphiniums, coneflowers, more basil and some dill because the direct sow dill is proving difficult. I've also planted twelve pea seeds in trays so that I have time to work out where they can go.

 This gardening thing sure is proving to be addictive and I'm finding I spend snippets of time throughout the day engaged in some kind of gardening task whether it be more planting, weeding, training snowpeas and grapevine shoots............
Its eating into my crafting time but as its providing just as much therapeutic benefits I don't mind.

 We've also rediscovered dinners outside with the added joy of admiring the burgeoning garden while we eat.
I've now decided that I'm going to tackle our 'rustic' outdoor setting which was actually Mr Pickle's grandfathers and plan to sand it all back and paint the chairs and table legs. Hopefully, I'll also have enough courage to remove the laminex and take the tabletop back to the lovely warm wood I can see when I look under the table. So many plans!!

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