Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to these pants.....

 Looking at the photo you could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps someone was injured or a pet died on the way to these pants....I promise this was not the case.
Once upon a time I set out to make a pair of pants for the Little Pickle using this pattern from this book for the first time. Being me, I can't ever play completely by the rules so I decided to make them reversible. Should have been fairly straightforward; I added some extra to seam allowances to allow for the bulk and turning, piped all the pockets, made two sets of contrasting cuffs that I planned on using a never before seen two way buttoning system to hold in place. All went well but when I got it all together there was just too much bulk, too much fabric, too many complexities for one small pair of pants....so I separated them.
When I had two completed pairs of pants I discovered I had severely overestimated the Little Pickles need for growing room so for now the contrasting cuffs are hidden in an extra turn up. Due to an unprecedented incidence of Big Pickle deciding to dress himself today we discovered the other pair fit him, so we headed out for a morning of fun in coordinated pants.

One pair of pants came off for a bit so the Big Pickle could enjoy his weekly swimming lesson.

This is the face we make when we realise our usual swim teacher is on holidays.

Apparently the fill-in teacher is so good she needs to come every week.
 Pants back on this mama managed to embrace the slow. We progressed as far as the patch of land beside the swimming pool and the Pickles gave the pants a thorough test drive.


 Good for running, rolling, being tigers, picking dandelions.....you name it these pants can do it!!
As the end of the year approaches and we start to look ahead to Big Pickle starting kindergarten, I'm realising that our chance to drift through many of our days stopping for dandelions, heading out for unplanned adventures based on the weather or our mood and simply letting life happen will start to diminish. So we're going to embrace that chance every moment we can for the next few months. 

After all that exercise we needed a snack and a rest so we stopped in at a favourite bakery for one of their delicious sourdough donuts.


Such a quaint little place with only two tables (less people for toddlers to disrupt!) both bedecked in retro linens and kitsch flowers and they always have a delectable selection of breads, cakes and pastries. Some things are only available on particular days, like donuts which are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or the fabulous rhubarb and raspberry danishes which I am yet to learn the pattern for.

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