Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekending - quick, slow.... quick, quick, slow

This photo sums up how we all felt when we got to Sunday morning.
What a whirlwind day Saturday was. After waking in Colac filled with memories of the Show, we bundled ourselves into the car and headed for home.

With the prospect of guests that night I was compelled and motivated to finish the covers for the dining chairs:

And also got the new cushions done too:

(Note the Little Pickle photo bomber in these last two photos)

The quick stay in Colac meant that the house was again filled with fragrant blooms from my mum's garden:

Love in the Mist - one of my favourite Spring flowers.

 Sadly, I didn't live up to all my lofty ambitions and didn't manage to make the planned new top to wear but I was able to to hide my old duds behind the shiny new cushions (please note cushions not actually shiny...or sparkley....not that there would be anything wrong with having sparkley cushions if that is your thing....perhaps you won them at the Colac Show)
Floors were vacced, surfaces dusted, dips made. Friends came and fun was had and though they did all leave at the frightfully respectable hour of 11:30pm, we were a tired house this morning.

The sky didn't really appear to be in line with the 32 degree forecast but nontheless we headed to the beach where the boys did a bit of this:

And this:

I tried a bit of this:

Yes those are raindrops on my wasn't really a beach day but we made it one anyway.

Thankfully, all the outdoor activity prompted the Pickles to have very quiet and restful afternoon so they day drifted nicely to the end when Mr Pickle and I enjoyed this:

Very delicious new pasta we picked up here. Millgrove Pasta are a new local pasta maker who have around 12 different varieties of filled pastas including the Mushroom with Leek and Garlic we enjoyed with a little of the leftover wine from the night before. Quick, easy and delicious - just what Sunday night dinner should be.
We were very glad that we finally followed up on this recommendation from a friend and discovered Altona Fresh - the West's alternative to Mediterranean Wholesalers - regular visitors we now will be.

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