Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lambs, puppets, snakes, carnies and dodgems!

We headed to the Colac Show on Friday. Big Pickle went to this Show with his cousins last year and has lived on the memories ever since. I'd have to say I'm not really the Show type. The thought of going to the Melbourne Show fills me with terror at the thoughts of the crowds, the noise, and the.....bogans (yes, I am a snob!)
The country Show however is a more approachable, manageable concept. Less crowds, more accessible animals, friendly farmers, less sideshows......higher proportion of bogans perhaps but a good touch of nostalgia when its the Show in the town you grew up in.

The great display of tractors, bulldozers and other big farm equipment thingies was a hit but really revealed this mamas not so country, country origins - 'What's that machine mummy?' ..... Mummy stutters 'Well.......that's a ....big....grass cutting machine.....or perhaps a planting device....?!'

As well as the obligatory and very good baby animal nursery there was also a Reptile Man. This made Big Pickle very happy particularly when he got to do this:

Sadly, he didn't get to do this again:

Big Pickle's first ride on a horse at the Footscray City Primary School Festa prompted a passionate plea "Let's go to every school Fair everywhere mummy and I can ride a horse at all of them"
 Once I had filled up as much time as possible in the 'farmy' part of the Show we headed down Sideshow alley to the world of throbbing music, flashing lights and really big, really ugly soft toys.

Big Pickle discovered a new variation on his beloved jumping castles....really big jumping castles with mega, blow-up slides:

Then both Pickles fell in love with these - Bumper Boats!

Who said I'm too young to drive!?

Take that big brother!
 Overall, a great day out for all but I was disappointed there was no Ferris Wheel, no Joy Whizzer and no Cup and Saucer ride....maybe next year or maybe just a memory from my childhood.

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