Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Pickle Pants

Rainy cold weather is very conducent to sewing in this house. I have had these tweed pants cut out for Big Pickle for some time just awaiting a day when I could whip them up.

Yesterday after a consultation with 'my wise knitting friend' I realised that I had to give in to my feeling that the Shalom Cardigan I'm knitting has some rows that aren't right and courageously pull it back.......... ! Big decision for me as I still feel like I'm a very slow knitter and all progress is sacred and very hard to let go of. I had made it to the end of the yoke and was just about to start on the body but the back the front knit line and the foolhardy mid-row ball change resulting in a lumpy knot plus one of the three yoke sections being a row short were all problems I was not going to be able to ignore. 'My wise knitting friend' pointed out that repeating is more practice and will always end in a better result and that if I was pulling back two thirds I might as well do the lot and start from scratch.....!!

So, to garner enough strength for the great unravelling, I made these pants. Wool tweed from the stash, lined in grey cotton with a snazzy little linen print that I've been saving for just this purpose. An Echino print from their ni-co range designed by Etsuko Furuya. I love its lineny goodness and the warm chocolatey background and of course those spunky cars.
I'm quite sure my boys will look back on their childhood and wonder why nearly all their pants had cars on them........I think I'm a closet rev head.

Adjustable waists are a must for Big Pickle these days. He seems to grow another inch each week and each time he shoots up he gets more lanky and his pants start slipping off again. In an adventurous and quirky move I utilised an external elastic casing like I've done on Little Pickle's belted 'dancing man pants' but then realised I didn't want a belt as such so he has the buttons for the adjusting on the outside and that means you can see the elastic......not ideal but perhaps we can pretend its a feature.

Little Pickle's new reversible cords have been in circulation for a week or so now and are keeping him both warm and comfortable.
And now I need to go back to Shalom and see if I can get back to the point I was up to and then beyond. 

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