Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sometimes mother doesn't know best.......

Call me traditional or perhaps unimaginative but I tend to think of the beach as a warm weather place. Sure rugged up winter strolls on the beach can be nice but the actual digging in the sand, paddling in the water sort of stuff....well, that is more a Summer, Maybe Spring thing in my thinking.

We visited my sister and her new husband by the sea a few weeks ago. It took a creative brother-in-law to give the boys a wonderful beach outing on a kind of, slightly, when the sun was shining, warm Winter day. How they loved it! Big Pickle took on to dig and dig....and dig and as promised by uncle, he found water. Magic to him.

Meanwhile Little Pickle ran and ran and relished the feeling of wet sand through his toes. He was even brave enough to play chicken with the waves.

When this mama arrived they were wet, sandy and sated. So, their woolen clothes were caked in sand and there were no towels or dry clothes there with us.... The house was close by so a warm shower was soon had and these lucky boys had an adventure their mother wouldn't have thought to give them.

Oh, warm Spring weather - how we await thee!

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