Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunshine after the rain..........

I had a little trip to the city today........alone. A rare and treasured pleasure. Just as I was about to head into a building for an appointment I caught a glimpse of something wondrous in a shopping centre across the road. With a few moments to spare I had to investigate and how glad I was that I did.
I walked in to the treat of this amazing display of colourful umbrellas.

Spirit lifting, perspective changing.....a sigh, a deep restorative breath. A feast of such unexpected joyousness on a grey, cold Melbourne day. Inspired piece of public art I say. I also say thank you to whomever had such vision and such a captivating desire to remind us all to smile at the rain.

So, with a rekindled commitment to embrace the positive I visited a few other favourite city sights.
Nothing like window shopping for cakes and inside shopping for the best chocolates.

A little visit to my favourite textiles shop - this place truly restores my soul and has become an unmissable feature in my irregular trips to the city. One thing missing from this store is a big comfy armchair where I could sit, knit and drink in the beautiful atmosphere of this little haven.

By this stage it was definitely time for a coffee and a bite to eat but all my preferred city cafes were busy and suddenly felt too loud and too crowded so a quick train ride and I was back near home to enjoy one of the many new cafes that have popped up in my suburb.

After a fit of fabulously selfish sewing yesterday I also had three new skirts to choose from for my city jaunt. I went with the bird print on the left and felt quite spiffy in it.
With two more skirts cut out ready to sew up I'm looking forward to lots of new outfits in coming weeks.

There was one last thing to take care of before I headed home - a treat for the Pickles.
As I cradled a warm bag of naughty goodness on the tram home I couldn't wait to share those and the pictures of the umbrella wonderland.

Though today was mostly about admiring others creativity, I'll join in with Linda's Creative Friday

So, the day ended with some new treasures, chocolate to savour and the first section of Shalom's yoke redone.

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