Friday, March 30, 2012

A last hoorah to summer.........

Oh Summer how did we miss you sneaking away? We were ready for you so early this year with our Spring visits to the beach to prepare. Then, suddenly we just looked the other way for the minute and in blew Autumn.

Friday is our one day free of activities now so when my favourite website let us know that today would be 29 degrees we knew we had to head to the beach perhaps for our last Summer-like visit until Summer comes calling again at the end of the year.

All our 'friends' decided to come too since they have been hearing so much about this special place and hadn't yet come to see.

How did we forget how much fun we have here? Splashing and jumping (I promise he didn't actually dive that close to those rocks)

Just looking in the water, spotting little fish, searching for starfish, crabs and anemones.


 The calm of just wading and wandering.... Doing nothing much and all that matters at the same time..

 Enjoying morning tea with a beautiful view that makes everything taste so much better...

Playing at being tigers....elephants....sea creatures....crawling to Tasmania....


Convincing me to allow a treat and getting two as the Eftpos minimum meant we had to get icecreams and chips....such a shame!!

Two brothers just enjoying time together.

I had very big plans for this Summer - remember?
I finally borrowed these pictures from my mum to scan. It was this picture that inspired my plan for a beach shelter to match our beach quilt.......

 That's my father and three eldest siblings sitting in the beach shelter mum and dad designed and made themselves. Next summer we will sit resplendent in ours. 

 Perhaps not quite as resplendent as my dad in those spectacular shorts!

The quilt has been patiently waiting in this basket untouched for many weeks now...... I promise myself to do more work on it very soon and to have it ready for Spring beach jaunts.

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