Sunday, March 11, 2012

Worth the wait

Big Pickle was very excited when he woke up this morning and discovered that the bean bag fairy had delivered two bean bags to his room while he was sleeping.
This project has been waiting for completion for a VERY long time.

This is Big Pickles serious "check out my bags!" face

 At least 18mths ago I spotted the apple fabric on Sale on Superbuzzy and made my first (and last - due to crippling international postage charges) purchase from this fabulous store.

The pattern was one I found here also a long time ago and I have since found some other great patterns that I perhaps like better, like this one, but as I had already started cutting out I stuck with this and am fairly happy with the results.
Great as a pirate ship, a treasure island....

Or just for lounging about with your brother. I am gradually getting used to the constant rustling sound as they plop into their bags, stand up, plop down, shuffle about....."its sounds like rain mummy" is Big Pickle's explanation for the need to keep doing this. The novelty of that will wear of.....I hope.

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