Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soup for the Soul

First it was me and now Big Pickle has succumbed to a nasty cold. Stories and sleep have been the order of the day for him and staying home from both kinder and swimming for the past few days.
Whilst he has dealt with it all quite calmly it has left this mama ready to savour that brief section of the day when boys are resting and the house is quiet.

A pot of Chicken and Sweetcorn soup was quickly made. A steaming bowl topped with coriander, spring onions and some white pepper with a good book on the side and a spot of knitting created the perfect oasis of calm.

The knitting is a Pebble vest project that I started at the end of winter last year and would like to get completed before the autumn is through.

As I lay on the couch recuperating on the weekend I spotted this book patiently waiting on the bookcase. A brilliantly written, completely compelling tale of one man's quest to find a life for his family in the early days of New South Wales. Sent to Australia as a convict after a childhood riddled with poverty and all that led to, he strives to claim a piece of land, a livelihood and a future in the midst of a savage, unknown wilderness.

My humble little Pebble vest seems a very small project compared to Ginny's February Lady sweater and the many other projects on offer at this week's Yarn Along.

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  1. I think the entire globe has been suffering from some heinous plague or other. I was sick for three weeks, then two weeks later, husband and toddler both got it! We finally kicked it. Oh, the comforts of soup and yarn!
    The Beauty of Eclecticism