Monday, March 12, 2012

There are benefits to doing as you're told......

It's a cruel irony really to have a long weekend to enjoy and be struck by a dreaded cold. As the week drew to a close and I started to relish the idea of three days with no specific plans to catch up on projects around the house and enjoy family time, I also started to feel the symptoms of  a nasty cold creep over me.
In denial on Saturday I got up and headed into the garden for some heavy duty gardening. A quest to reclaim the bed down one side of our yard from the noxious vines and running grass that constantly try to overtake it. It was a successful mission, the highlight of which was finding that actually some of our rhubarb plants are still alive and doing quite well.
Unfortunately, this little gardening session was not what my cold had in mind and left me feeling majorly depleted....and somewhat defeated.

Mr Pickle had been against the plan, which I put into action while he and the Pickles were out shopping. He restrained himself from using an I told you so voice and gently firmly requested....I spend sometime on the couch on Sunday to recuperate.
Though reluctant at first I then realised this was a brilliant opportunity to work on a little project for St Patrick's Day. I spotted a quirky shamrock pattern over at Natural Suburbia and thought it would be the perfect way to create something for us to explore and appreciate our heritage and Little Pickle's namesake's day. Linda has so many beautiful patterns and sells some amazing ones through her Etsy store but I am constantly inspired by both her handiwork and her generosity in offering so many free patterns like this one.
I'm hoping to get a few more of these done and then to rework the Valentine's tree with them.

I was also able to do some work on the pom pom bunnies I'm helping our preschool teacher with. She is busily producing pom poms at the moment and I'm then joining heads and bodies and adding ears so that the older group children can all get a rabbit in their Easter baskets.
The felt rabbit is for our Easter table and to inspire the other mothers in my Thursday morning playgroup. I think I'll be making a few more of these before we get to Easter and also trying the Bilby variation of the pattern too.

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