Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy, happy day.........

 My sister got married a few weeks ago and despite rain falling all day long it was a truly beautiful wedding. She was a picture of resplendent elegance in her two piece ivory ensemble. She and I sourced this ready made but with a stroke of genius perfected the outfit by adding the fluted sleeves.
Designers just don't seem to understand that many women of many ages would really prefer to have the top of their arm covered - with a little imagination and a crafty eye we came up with this slight alteration that truly made the ensemble.

Another key element in her outfit was the exquisite ivory silk flower she wore in her hair. Made by a very talented friend, I really wished that I had had one of these lovely accessories to keep and remember my special day. The gardenias I wore were battered and bruised before the day was through.

I did get to wear a special keepsake flower of my own this time though. I have turned my hand to so many different crafts but how this exceptionally clever lady turned the silk fabrics she showed me into these beauties is beyond me. All I can say is no bride or bridesmaid should be without one!

Possibly the only photo you will ever see of me on here. It was very nice to have a reason to get dolled up and my Leona Edmiston dress was the most comfortable party frock I have ever worn.

As well as being the one who created the sleeves my mum also created the cake. Jelly cakes and butterfly cakes are my sisters favourite and they were a very big crowd pleaser too.

A magnificent day with a magnificent setting.......I really enjoyed the French champagne too!

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