Thursday, April 26, 2012

Play dough, play clothes and repurpose love....

 A public holiday this week meant we got to enjoy a change in our usual rhythm and an extra day with Mr Pickle. 

 A new batch of playdough was a good project for some therapeutic kneading and pounding and squishing.

 Then of course there was all the many things to make out of warm new playdough. Some dry pasta inspired echidnas, pigs, cats and of course some monster faces.

 With rain falling outside all day it was a good day for some sewing for me too. I finished off a wrap to warm my shoulders at my sisters party this weekend (will reveal that in another post) but then felt the need for another creative outlet for the afternoon. So, fresh from the repurpose success with Big Pickles jeans, I turned my eye to an unused flannelete PJ jacket from Mr Pickles drawer.

I had hoped to get one pair of pyjama pants from the jacket but in a stroke of completely nutty brilliance I realised I could use the sleeves to make a second pair!! Genius!
So Big Pickle got a very respectable cuddly pair of standard issue pants and Little Pickle......well he got two sleeves sewn together with a mismatched (there was a touch of grey in the cloud shadows) stretchy gusset.....hilarious!

All they thought was new, comfy pants, perfect for climbing on your dad,  wrestling and all round play.
Now I know how Maria felt when she saw those little Von Trapps playing happily in the curtain clothes she made them.

 Some close up pictures do reveal the madness of that second pair but they are warm, comfortable and fit over a cloth night nappy and wool soaker bottom - so I'm happy.


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