Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Winter pocket pants

Is it just me or does this long, lanky lad look about 14!!!!?
He's four! He just keeps growing....and growing.....

New blue cords, so huggable. Reinforced knees and big front pockets inspired by the fabulous pants Ella makes her son over at Little Red Caboose.

Excuse the blurry pictures - my camera just wasn't up to the movement of these two irrepressibly wriggley, jiggley Pickles today.

I started with the Heartbreaker Pants pattern from Sewing For Boys and modified for his slim physique. They may be ok once they're washed but they still seem a little wide in the hips at the moment.

Little Pickle sports a pair of Kickin' Back Sweat pants from the same book. He is not a size 3 and I used the size 3 pattern for these and again he lacks standard toddler bulk. I breed them lean it seems....like their dad they eat like horses but remain very streamlined.....half their luck!!

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