Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How do they do it?

Today I'm off to visit a friend and deliver a little token for her recent birthday. I thought I'd try and take a photo to share here before I passed it on to her but I now realise that all those amazing people with great self portraits of themselves in their latest creation are actually very clever.


It's very hard to do.....

Even tried the never before tried automatic timer function on my camera but wrong light....bad composition.....

Attempts at artistic outdoor suspended in nature shots were also a bit dodgy.....

No matter, hopefully the lovely friend this is destined for will enjoy winter cooking in her sunny apron. The pattern I used was the Teacup Corset apron from Meg McElwee's Sew Liberated book but minus the corset tie at the back (too fiddly for self dressing) and without the ruffles round the bodice (lack of fabric and desire to reduce the frou-frou factor).

Hmmm.....maybe I need some new aprons too!

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