Sunday, April 22, 2012

Out cruising in some new repurposed jeans...

This weekend the boys went for a little holiday in the country with their grandparents. So, before they left this mama had to appease some guilty feelings by completing some new pants.

Little Pickle got some new patch pants which were actually ones I started patching when Big Pickle was two but didn't get completed before that fast growing two year old outgrew all size two clothes.

On the way to meeting the grandparents for the handover we stopped for a picnic lunch and a tromp.


When asked to do some modelling Big Pickle happily obliged even taking it upon himself to highlight the fancy faux waistband detail on the pants.
These pants were a very fun project that started from a pair of women's jeans sourced at the local Savers store.

I cut the back panels from the back of the old pants and retained the yoke and pocket detailing.

 The front panels were cut from the front of the pants and then I added the pockets, knee patches and then upon realising Big Pickle has grown again, the cuff.

In an adventurous, somewhat crazy move I also decided to utilise the waistband from the old pants and simply sewed it to the top of the pants. The elastic at the back allows them to pull on and off so I sewed the front opening down.
The dark pattern peeking out of the pocket was a ugly screen printed bit on the leg of the original jeans, Big Pickle now refers to it as his 'secret picture'.

This was a really rewarding project. They took a bit longer than a standard pair of pants but I enjoyed the challenge of nutting it all out and the sense of satisfaction at the end was somehow greater due to knowing I had made something new from something old. A couple of other pairs came home from the same Savers trip so we'll see what they metamorphosise into.

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