Saturday, October 29, 2011

Come back sunshine - we miss you!

There is no more calming a place than the beach for the two Pickles. All the bustle and the noise of everywhere else just disappears. Summer seemed too far away this year so thanks to the inspiration of a dear friend who has beach-going ingrained in her psyche, we have now found our own little beach routine. At the first sign of sun we pack up a few things (mostly food!) and make the 10 min car trip to Williamstown beach.

Space, water and at this time of year hardly any other people, allows all they need to roam and paddle and ponder starfish, shells, anemones.....

Practise some climbing skills....

 And finish with an icecream treat!

Spring in Melbourne - its a curious thing. Icecreams and swimming one day, woolen hats and umbrellas the next.
Thanks to my sister we now have an arsenal of new buckets and spades so next sign of warm sunshine and we will be back on that sand!! 

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