Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Off to the Fair

 We recently enjoyed the Spring Fair for Oli's playgroup - their version of a Fete. As like all Fetes a great deal of preparation and planning goes into the day. One of the loveliest things (for this crafting mama) about the Spring Fair is that it has a Craft stall which sells things made by all the parents and families. Last year I enjoyed making quite a few things for the stall but this year I decided to focus my energies on making little treasures and trinkets for a wonderful thing called Mrs Pockets.
A friend and I landed the big but very fun and rewarding task of creating an apron for our school this year. Sadly, I forgot to take photos of the apron in action on the day but will try to get some soon to come back and add here. 
Similar to the concept of a lucky dip, it is an apron worn generally by a teacher from the school. The full skirt of the apron is covered in 100 little pockets and in each of them is a treasure that the children can pick for a small fee.

Countless heavenly hours were spent stitching and making felt mice, babies to lie in walnut shells, little dolls, felted snakes and other items.

Here's a peek at the little friends I slightly reluctantly handed over but then delightedly watched the children discover on the day.


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