Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yarn Along Wednesday

I have seen this cookbook on various blogs and admired and researched it online for quite sometime. One recent evening as I wandered the hallowed halls of Costco (ostensibly collecting some photos but really having a much needed, child-free wind-down at the end of a long day) I found it waiting for me at the very reasonable price of $19! So home it came and we have been getting to know each other all week.
Our first encounter was an exercise in life not imitating art:
Is really not this

Look at the height and the fluffiness in that picture! Amazingly my flat overcooked brick-like objects actually tasted quite good and were certainly enticing enough to convince me to try again.
I've earmarked lots of other dishes in this but last night we had this:

As the weather here starts to become more springlike (heading to the beach to enjoy 28 degrees this morning) many knitting projects are moving further from mind. However, this one has been waiting for a while and the knitting part of the project shouldn't take too long at all. A black I-cord is all I need to complete, one long one or possibly a few shorter ones. I made this necklace several years ago now and it has remained a favourite but after enduring two sets of little hands and very regular wearing it is in need of an overhaul. The I-cord will replace some of the braoken leather sections and serve as a trial for future jewellery pieces.


  1. i've never seen a necklace knitted, so pretty. and i love this book and her first, super natural cooking.

  2. Yum. That looks very tasty.

  3. Thanks. I forgot to add the detail of what it was. It's called Broccoli Gribiche and its basically like a warm potato salad with broccoli but the dressing is beautiful.