Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where's the keys?

 My favourite crafting projects are always the ones that combine the creative and the practical.
The first lanyard I made was to fulfill my own need of finding a way to stop losing my keys everytime I needed them and also a way of having them on hand but not in my hand when I was transferring the Pickles in and out of the car. I also find them great for a quick run into the shops without a bag - purse in one hand, toddlers hand in the other and keys safely dangling around my neck.

 Originally my lanyards were all very bright and mostly print fabrics but lately I've toned them down a bit, using linen and solids to allow space for button details and other things like doily flowers.
The one above I made for a friend and the colours are very 'her' - she is quietly fuming that I just wrote that!! Hers got lots of handstitching, special buttons and choice fabrics cause she's a bit special.

My mum got a very late birthday present this year because I refused to just buy her something and instead took forever to finally sit down and make this one. To make up for the late delivery I made her a matching linen boxbag.

Again there was a doily flower detail (think these might turn up on lots of my future ones) and some special buttons. The pink flowers were ones that mum made and gave to me some time ago. She hand-dyed the silk ribbons which make up the petals and the flower centres are made up of dozens of her impeccable french knots - oh how I wish I could do them as well as her.I admit I was initially disconcerted when she chose not to use them for her keys but rather her best embroidery scissors. Quickly though I realised this is kind of the equivalent of 'straight to the trophy room' - in her eyes using it for keys would be a waste and since sewing is her greatest love, I can only be flattered.

So many fabric combinations and embellishment ideas are dancing in my head for future lanyards so Bec, if you're out there and if those New Gisborners are still asking where you got your lanyard perhaps I could get inspired and make some more for you.

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