Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yarn Along

So many babies being born around us at the moment so plenty of homes to send duck families to.
Quick to knit, calming and fun to sew up....definitely my go to gift at the moment.
Some pigs and sheep on the needles too that I must get quacking on (awful joke sorry!)

The book is a sign of my current and quite constant pondering of what form, style, shape education will take for this family.
A beautiful, accessible book which provides an eye into one particular Steiner school and helps a Steiner beginner like me understand the curriculum and all its motivations and wonders.


  1. What cute ducks! What pattern is this?

  2. Ha! Such cute little duckies! My yarn along this week is about a gaggle of elephants. (A herd? A cluster? What is a group of elephants called?)

  3. how adorable, love your little ducks. i'm wondering the pattern too? and lia, its family, a family of elephants :)

  4. I have not heard of 'Steiner' schools until reading through this weeks Yarn Along posts. I finished homeschooling nine years ago and have lost touch with the current trends. Enjoy this time in your life with 'the Pickles'. I'm finally able to read fiction again instead of spending my time reading things for school!

  5. Hi Ellen and Lori ann, Thank you both for your comments. I'm a new blogger so find it so thrilling to get comments but don't really know how to respond to comments properly so doing it here. The pattern I use originally came from a book called Knitted Animals by Anne-Dorthe Grigaff.I highly recommend it, all the patterns are lovely and really simple. I didn't really get the beak instructions so sort of did my own thing with a button hole loop as a starter and some woven stitching. Hope to hear from you again some day. Emily