Friday, October 21, 2011

A Little White Shirt

Back when Little Pickle was just seven months old we were invited to a Thailand. What do you dress a baby in for a wedding when the expected temperature is around 42 degrees and humid?  Pants made from an organic cotton just the same shade as his fathers bestman pants were an easy choice and then a piece of white cotton from the stash was definitely the right fabric for a top but what style, what pattern?
For months I'd been perusing my mum's old Enid Gilchrist books and with another flick through the one called Toddler's Clothes I found the perfect thing - a kurta top that was perfect on the day and has served us well beyond.

Whether on a hot summers day in the backyard at 18 months,

Or at the beach this week on my nearly two year old boy, this shirt has been a good friend and I'm sad to admit it is a little on the small side now. No matter, there is more of this fabric in the stash and this time I'll take the time to add a button loop and a little vintage sailboat button I've been saving. I'll also be sure to make it big enough to serve a few more summers. Perhaps we'll make one or two more in other fabrics too.

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